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SGRI Consulting provides the following services:

  • The planning, design, financial analysis and project management of grain storage projects.
  • The planning and facilitation of succession planning within farming businesses.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Compiling viability studies, business- procurement- and marketing plans.
  • Evaluating, planning and optimising value chains.
  • Industry and marketing analysis.
  • Whole farm and mechanisation planning.
  • Compliance advice.
  • Inspection services.
  • Writing standard operating procedures and policies.
  • Developing and maintaining business information systems.
  • Compiling quality protocols and systems.
  • Investigations regarding where to establish pack houses and/or agri processing units.
  • Act as an Independent Trustee or Director of family farming businesses.


  1. The evaluation and optimisation of a mega farm, that included the following:
    • The evaluation of the profitability of the different enterprises.
    • The selection of best combination to ensure viability.
    • The optimisation of mechanisation.
    • Compiling of a marketing plan.
    • Evaluation of the productivity within the different departments such as the pack house.
  2. Market analysis of the blue berry industry.
  3. Profitability analysis of sheep farming in the Karoo.
  4. Support to Karoo farmers with financial planning during the drought.
  5. Reviewed the credit policy of a farming co-operative in the Karoo.
  6. Developed scenarios and financial strategies for a farmer association in die Karoo.
  7. Acted as Independent Trustee for farming operations.
  8. Planned the succession process of a farming operation in the Karoo.
  9. Planned the storage and marketing of maize for a small farmer project in Zambia.
  10. Compiled enterprise budgets for a small farmer project in Zambia.
  11. Developed an operational plan for an NPO regarding the delivery of food parcels to people in need, including the procurement of product, the administrative process, the QC process, the hygiene protocols and the packing and distribution of the parcels.
  12. Compliance audits for an international certification company.


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